DevOps Expert Program - A Straight Path - DevOps Ready

Course Highlights

  • Deep-Dive Of Every DevOps Phase
  • Industry Oriented Approach With Updated DevOps Tools Set
  • One Click Deployment
  • Building a CI/CD Pipeline
  • Cloud Essentials
  • Live-Interactive Training-Makes You Work From First Session

Get Ready?

Course Details

  • DevOps Introduction
    • What is DevOps?
    • DevOps and Software Development Life Cycle
    • DevOps main objectives
  • Software Configuration Management- GIT
    • Distributed version control using Git
    • Git architecture & SCM terminologies
    • Branching, Stash, commit, Bisect using Git
    • Git Installation & configuration
  • Build Management-Maven
    • Java build system
    • Maven architecture & life cycle
    • Maven Plugin management
  • Continuous Integration- Jenkins
    • Continuous Integration with Jenkins Overview
    • Jenkins installation & Configuration
    • Setting up Nodes, various Jobs
    • Practical examples of different type of jobs & its configuration
  • Configuration Management- Chef
    • Chef Fundamentals & Architecture
    • Recipes & Resources
    • Cookbook & Knife
    • Roles, Attributes, Databags
  • Containers- Docker
    • Docker Architecture
    • Docker Containers
    • Docker Images
    • Dockerfile
  • Cloud Essentials- AWS
    • Introduction to AWS & Amazon EC2
    • AWS Storage
    • Installing Software in your Amazon Instance
    • Security in Public Cloud
    • Load-balancing with EC2 and Auto Scaling
    • Auto Scaling & Cloudwatch

DevOps Expert Program

In this course, we look at the necessity of Devops and how a DevOps transformation can help focus on value and streamlined delivery. We will also cover concepts like Automation and technology which play huge roles in DevOps success; in this DevOps Online Training course we'll analyze the major capability areas and which technologies can get your team on its way.

DevOps Online Training

DevOps Tools - Download

How DevOps Course Helps You?

This DevOps Expert Program is designed to help both Beginners and Professionals who are already into DevOps Culture. In This DevOps training, we provide basic to advanced level of training and exposure to real-time scenarios with popular DevOps Tools.

In this DevOps Tutorial, We have included popular DevOps tools which are used in many Organizations, So that you can be ready for new DevOps positions or move your existing project to a DevOps model with this course.

By the end of this course, Trainees will be able to configure all the tools required in DevOps Pipeline and will be having a clear understanding of DevOps LifeCycle. Please watch our sample videos for more understanding of DevOps Life Cycle.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a software development method that emphasizes communication, collaboration (information sharing and web service usage), integration, automation and measurement of cooperation between software developers and other IT professionals.

The method acknowledges the interdependence of software development, quality assurance, and IT operations, and aims to help an organization rapidly produce software products and services and to improve operations performance.

DevOps Life Cycle

DevOps Life Cycle

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