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About us

Use DevOps is a Technology Training Hub, provides Training on various Technologies. Use DevOps promotes companies , professionals to use DevOps Culture in their Organizations to deliver Software better and quickly.

Use DevOps is backed by Industry Experts who accepts that updating skills and learning new Tools everyday is very much required in Information Technology. So that as an IT professional you can perform better at workplace ,sustain in the Industry and produce good software to the world.

About UseDevOps- DevOps Online Training

We at Use DevOps provide Career Oriented , Corporate and Online Training as services.

Career Oriented Training

We design courses according to current opportunities in the market . IT professionals and Job seekers who are looking for opportunities in different domains in the Information Technology can easily achieve their goals by completing our Courses.

In Career Oriented Training , We design Courses according to Job Seekers who has no experience at all in the Information Technology. Any graduate who wants to land up in Information Technology can enroll these courses to get Entry Level Opportunities.

In this mode of Training , Trainer/Mentor assess the Trainee’s Skills by regular Interaction in Introductory sessions and the Training will be continued according to his/her level of understanding . End of this Training , Trainee can be able to solve a real world problem or work on real time project. So that Trainees will find jobs easily by own.

Corporate Training

We provide training to team of employees in a particular company according their project needs and business requirements. We have expert IT professionals who has more than 10 years of experience in IT Industry and well equipped with new-age Technologies.

We support organizations and start-up teams to have a better understanding on the Technologies and Trainers guide them how to use new technologies according to their business needs.

Online Training

We provide Online Training on various technologies to help Students, Job seekers and IT professionals all over the world. We provide Online Training with Real Time Experts who has rich professional experience with Trending Technologies.

Online Training has many advantages over Traditional classroom Training in regard to IT Courses.

  • Online Training is cost effective
  • Online Training Improves Performance and Productivity
  • Online Training Is Convenient and Flexible
  • Online Training Allows Timely Feedback
  • Online Training Provides Easy Access to Information
  • Online Training Personalizes the Training Experience