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Who can enroll?

  • IT professionals
  • System Administrators
  • Cloud Experts
  • IT Architects
  • Job Seekers

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Salesforce Training Content

  • Salesforce Admin
    • CRM Concepts
    • Sales Cloud Concepts
    • Standard SFDC Applications
    • Overview
    • Service Cloud Concepts Create Case
    • Security
    • Standard Objects
    • Securing and Sharing Data
    • Workflow and ApprovalProcess
    • Going Global
    • Using Analytics
    • Importing Data
    • Monitoring your Org
  • Salesforce Developer
    • Introduction to oops concepts
    • MVC Architecture
    • Apex Programming Overview
    • Apex Class Creation – Calling
    • Data Types
    • Controllers
    • Triggers
    • Packages
    • Batch Apex
    • Scheduling Apex
    • Visualforce
    • Different sandboxes
  • Salesforce Lightning
    • Introducing Lightning Components and Applications
    • Raising and Handling Events
    • Documenting and Unit Testing Components
    • Surfacing Lightning Components
    • Implementing Navigation and Layouts
    • Building Advanced Components
    • Creating, Reading, and Updating Salesforce Records
    • Getting Ready for Production

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a mostly used CRM( Customer Relationship Management) application which provides its service on Cloud platform. Salesforce has 800+ applications to support it is various features like generating leads, improve sales and close the deals. Salesforce is designed to help organizations to manage data which becomes customer centric and deliver better results.

It also offers organizations to customize it is inbuilt data structures and algorithms according their business needs.More recently, it has started offering the IOT (internet of things) connectivity to the CRM platform.

Salesforce Architecture

Salesforce Architecture

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