Layoffs in India 2017

As per media reports 56,000 IT professionals will be losing their jobs in 2017.

Large Companies in India like Infosys,Cognizant, Tech Mahindra, Wipro etc will be saying goodbye to thousands of employees(8-10% of Total Manpower) this year.

There is no Recession in India , Why Companies decided to reduce Manpower at this moment?

Layoffs In India - UseDevOps

Main reasons for layoffs in IT Industry in 2017.

Regular Appraisal Process.

As part of company’s regular cost cutting and appraisal process , companies decided to remove redundant and non-performing employees. Entry level employees are not much affected due to this situation, worst Case is that employees may get less hike.

But, most of the Mid level Managers and Employees with 8-15 years of Exp will get pink slips. In Company’s perspective , One Mid-Level Manager is almost equivalent to 4-5 Entry level people In terms of Cost.


The way IT services are being delivered is changing. Add to that, America’s strict protectionism is making offshore businesses difficult.

The changes in US IT market and Immigrant Policies, Professionals around the globe losing their jobs , 72% is based out of India.

Automation Culture

It's a situation wherein the available/existing talent haven't kept up with the pace at which the industry was evolving and hence, many of them find themselves redundant.

This Transformative Trend may continue for next 1-2 years", this will be an opportunity for IT professionals to upgrade their skills and get into the trending technologies where demand is going to be huge.

Most of the professionals losing jobs in Technical Support, Manual Testing, and System Administration since these are going to be managed by Artificial Intelligence and projects handled by Automation Tools.

In Recent days Tech Giants like Google , Facebook and Amazon etc are moving to use DevOps Tools and It’s Culture.

Because of the Cultural Changes in IT Business Environments , Companies are looking for people with updated skill-set like Continuous Integration Tools , Build and Release Tools with which better software can be delivered quickly.

If someone wants to have a sustainable and lucrative career, moving to DevOps is a Good Idea.

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